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Bill Clinton Just Insulted Hillary In A Huge Way, Nobody Expected It

Charisma and empathy deprived Hillary Clinton rode almost all the way to the top on her popular husband Bill Clinton’s coattails. Fortunately for our country, American voters had the common sense to reject the incompetent and charmless Hillary for the second and hopefully final time in the election last year.

According to many observers, Bill Clinton had to be restrained from stealing the show from his low-wattage wife at her poorly attended campaign rallies. Many questioned whether Bill actually even wanted her to win and thus steal his thunder. In a recently released video, Clinton is heard taking a swipe at his wife’s flop of a campaign.

Bill Clinton and his presidential successor George W. Bush recently paired up for a speaking engagement in Dallas as part of an event for Presidential Leadership Scholars. David Rubenstein, who moderated the conversation with Bush and Clinton, asked Bill what was the most attribute a person running for president should have.

Replied Clinton, tellingly, after Bush gave his answer, “I also think you have to begin with the end in mind. You have to say, yeah, you gotta win the election. But why in the heck are you running?” He added,  motioning to Bush, “That’s another thing I noticed about him. When he ran for governor against Ann Richards, he didn’t say ‘Ann Richards is a klutz.’ He said, ‘I wanna be governor because I wanna do one, two, three things.’ Couple of ’em I didn’t agree with. But he had an agenda. If you want to be president, realize, it’s about the people, not about you.”

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz later point out that Bill was clearly describing the fundamental flaws of Hillary’s campaign. He explained, “It’s obvious to the rest of us what he’s talking about, and look, Hillary Clinton had a campaign where she had a whole laundry list of liberal positions but no theme, no emotional connection to voters, and not much more beyond Donald Trump is awful, and that’s what the former president was artfully saying.” Are you surprised Bill took such a sharp dig at Hillary?

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