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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Spreads Sick Lie Of What President Trump Wants “To Do” To US Citizens

The attacks against President Trump by the mainstream media are getting more and more extreme. MSNBC host Joy Reid, claimed that President Trump thinks he’s a king and he wants to do disgusting things to ‘the commoners’.

“There’s no cost to them coming out today and pretending that they still have a moral conscience after endorsing Donald Trump. But the reality is — so, Donald Trump thinks of himself as a king. … So, you can sort of think of Republicans in Congress as the courtier, right?” said Reid.

“And so, the couriers to the king may despise the king. They may think the king is vulgar. … But there are things the courtiers want to do to the commoners. And they don’t necessarily respect the commoners. There are things they want to do to the commoners. And the king helps them do it. Because the king is the guy who has to do deal with them. It’s the king that’s got to sell to the commoners,” said Reid.

“They don’t even have to deal with them. Remember, the people who elected Donald Trump can’t stand Paul Ryan and his friends that want to take their health care. They never liked them. Donald Trump is a means to the end,” she said.

“Donald Trump is the guy who’s going to go out there and sell to the people these Republicans couldn’t give a damn about. He is going to sell them on losing their health care and make it sound good.” said Reid. Who listens to this crazy lady? Is the mainstream media going too far?

Read more: http://conservative101.com/msnbcs-joy-reid-spreads-sick-lie-president-trump-wants-us-citizens/#ixzz4mIgrlkzr

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