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‘The View’ Attacks 11-Year-Old Barron Trump: You Should Be Ashamed Barron!

Star Jones, the producer of the VH1 series “Daytime Divas” joined ‘The View’ for a session of attacking Barron Trump. They suggested that 11-year-old Barron should feel ashamed for his father. After Kathy Griffin released photos of her and a bloody, decapitated Trump head, Barron freaked out. They went on to make fun of his reaction.

“It’s tough, you know when you cross the line, and you used to always say, Joy, funny is funny, but then there are some things that just are not funny. And if the joke doesn’t land, the joke doesn’t land. I think that was really the problem,” said Jones.

“I can’t stand Trump, but that has nothing to do with it. But I don’t want to see the president of the United States with a bloody head. Under any circumstance no matter who he is. I think it’s inappropriate. There you go,” she said. Here comes the ‘but’.

“Our president though cracks me up when he says his son was upset. He has to remember — I wonder how upset he was when he heard his father referred to the kinds of assaults that he would do on women or did they not talk about that?” said Jones. “Or making fun of handicapped people,” Joy Behar.

“Yes exactly,” said Jones. “Or to make fun of a Gold Star family. I mean he was horrible,” said Behar. “There is a lot to have been embarrassed about if that was your father,” said Jones. Do you think it’s wrong for them to be telling Barron he should be embarrassed?

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