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People Accuse Kellyanne Of ‘Leaking’, She Slams Them Back In The Perfect Way

People have been accusing Kellyanne Conway of ‘leaking’ information from the White House. According to Politico “Kellyanne Conway was overheard Thursday night talking about her West Wing co-workers to fellow revelers at a party,” wrote Politico.

“Conway was having an off-the-record conversation with a group of reporters and other attendees at the British Embassy at their election-night watch party. She said President Donald Trump told her to ‘go out there and say ‘Jim Comey is going to have to wait and see about the tapes,’” they wrote.

Kellyanne Conway responded to the absurd and unproven allegations. “If I were a great leaker, I’d get much better press, don’t you think? Part of why I don’t is because I won’t divulge confidential information,” started Kellyanne Conway in response on a Fox & Friends interview.

“Look, two things there, Marc Short is one of my best friends in the West Wing. He came to my wedding 16 years ago. He and Kristen are friends of ours, and our families are close. I don’t wonder what he does every day, I marvel at it,” said Kellyanne.

“The other thing is I never divulge what the president told me. I never would. The president had said publicly that we’ll all find out. We have to wait and see if there are tapes. I repeated that and then converted to no comment,” said Kellyanne.

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