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Michelle Malkin Destroys Kathy Griffin In Slam For The Ages, “Worst Kind Of Soulless ______”

Liberals have been pulling out all the stops to smear Republican President Donald Trump and his plan for Making America Great Again, but it is evidently backfiring.

The most obvious example of this is how liberal comedian Kathy Griffin thought it would be funny to send our democratically-elected president a message by taking a photo of herself holding up a severed dummy Donald Trump head slathered in fake blood. Following Kathy’s photo apology and subsequent press conference with a lawyer, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin let loose on Kathy with a powerful dig.

During her press conference, Griffin attempted to turn the whole situation around by somehow blaming President Trump for bullying her, which is of course absurd given what Kathy did. Said Kathy, “What’s happening to me has never happened — ever — in the history of this great country, which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children, and the first lady, are personally — I feel — personally trying to ruin my life forever. Forever.”

Malkin guested on Fox News’ Hannity and commented to Sean, “This Kathy Griffin press conference was an utter dumpster fire. She really is the worst kind of soulless troll. And I really don’t have anything better to say about [Griffin’s lawyer] Lisa Bloom, who is essentially a mooching tick on a soulless troll.”

She continued, “I think the worst part of the press conference was the crocodile tears, as you mentioned, of Kathy Griffin, and an outright lie. You know, on top of everything else, Kathy Griffin is just the worst kind of liar, because she said she’d never hurt a child, even though she is on record in an interview with Vulture Magazine saying that she specifically … said she was going to target Barron Trump. As a mother of a 13-year-old son who would have just been just as traumatized by that bloody, sick and vile image of Donald Trump that Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields were responsible for, as a mother, my blood boils.” Do you think Kathy is a “soulless troll”?

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