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Krauthammer Destroys Dan Rather As “Deranged” For What He Said About Trump And Russia

Instead of wisely staying retired, former CBS news anchor Dan Rather has decided that he wants to stay in the limelight by continuing to comment on the hot-button political stories of the day.

Unfortunately for Rather, he has clearly lost the ability to reason, and has been embarrassing himself with many of his statements in the media. Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer recently criticized him for what he said about supposed Russian interference in the election.

During a recent appearance on Rachel Maddow’s program on MSNBC, Rather launched into a rant, saying, “I would say the Trump presidency is in peril, and because it’s in peril, we are in some danger ourselves, because there’s a lot that needs to be done in the country. But you know, there’s so much talk about Trump and Comey, and who’s telling the truth, and who isn’t telling the truth, I think it’s really important for Americans to understand, the big question: How this all started and how it, the direction where it should go, is what did the Russians do?”

He continued, “Because, here you have a situation, the Russians pulled off what I call a psychological Pearl Harbor. A surprise attack that was devastating to the confidence of our whole situation of elections, and therefore our whole system of government. It’s one of the great psychological warfare victories.”

Krauthammer described “psychological Pearl Harbor” as a “deranged analogy” on Rather’s part. Said Charles, “The Russians have been doing this in just about every election and every country that we know. It’s just a little more obvious this time.” He also slammed Rather and the liberals for their adulation of James Comey, saying, “The idea that he was sort of sainted by the Democrats was sort of shocking and revolting.” Is Krauthammer right about Rather?

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