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Kimberly Guilfoyle Told Trump Something At 8 In The Morning That Made His Day

President Donald Trump recently made the momentous decision to stand up to the globalist forces that have been leeching the United States dry and put America first by pulling our country out of the Paris climate accord.

President Trump made this decision after carefully considering the information out there and by consulting experts and people who he trusts. According to Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, he even reached out to her for her opinion in the morning before he made his announcement, and she told him something encouraging and inspiring.

Stated Kimberly about Trump’s decision to stand up for Americans and not Parisians, “I think he did the brave and courageous thing.” She then recalled about their interaction, “I told him that this morning. When he called. At 8 a.m. I spoke to him about it, and this was something very much so on his mind.”

This revelation took co-host Greg Gutfeld aback. He said, “Wait a second! Who called you? I think that you buried the lede here.” Guilfoyle responded, “I know, yeah, the president called me at 8 in the morning. I thought it was Fox News. But then he said he loves The Five  ‘terrific show’ — and said to say hello to all of you.”

She continued, “He was excited about this today; it was going to be a big speech and a lot of people would be excited about it. However, there would be people that would be upset and disappointed. He would do his best to explain.” She added, “I don’t think this is a deal that anybody should be crying about. Like we said, it’s nonbinding, and the United States is already a clean energy, oil and gas leader. So we can keep doing what we’re doing.” Some have speculated that Guilfoyle would make a good replacement for White House press secretary Sean Spicer. What do you think?

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