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“Somebody’s Going To Get A Hernia Here” Krauthammer Crushes Crazy WaPo Columnist Over Russia Conspiracy

Krauthammer debated Washington Post opinion writer Charles Lane over the latest liberal conspiracy theory that Jared Kushner is a secret Russian Agent. Krauthammer wiped the floor with him. “I don’t trust this story. The Russians are leaking it clearly on a channel they know we’re going to pick up,” started Krauthammer.

“The Russians are masters of disinformation. They already have Washington with its knickers in a twist with a Russian conspiracy. This is an added twist. Somebody’s going to get a hernia here. I think I’ll stop the metaphor with that point. But we have no idea if it’s true. Let’s say it is true. Isn’t the problem here, the accusation here that there was some collusion during the campaign with the Russians?” asked Krauthammer.

“Well, everyone agrees if the story is true, it occurred after the campaign during the transition. So, unless there’s some sort of nefarious connection here, there’s no connection to what was alleged to have happened during the campaign,” said Krauthammer.

“And lastly, we’ve had backchannel connections with adversaries for generations. Henry Kissinger had them with the Russians and the Chinese. Hillary had a backchannel to establish the opening with the Iranians in what ended up as the opening in what ended up as the Iranian nuclear deal … This happens all the time,” explained Krauthammer.

“I don’t quite understand where is the crime other than it is another piece that has Russia in the headline, Trump people in the headline and thus, it is supposed to be scandalous,” said Krauthammer. Do you think he’s right?

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