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Bill O’Reilly Surfaces To Mock What The Media Just Did To Melania

In the absence of legendary Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, the mainstream media has run wild with tabloid-level stories about First Lady Melania Trump and her relationship with President Donald Trump. Liberal wagging tongues have been attempting to create a soap opera out of the Trumps’ marriage and about the inner workings of the White House.

Thankfully, O’Reilly has resurfaced as a contributor to The Glenn Beck Radio Program and had some pointed words for the liberal-biased media for their attempt to turn a recent video clip of the Trumps into a cooked-up controversy.

O’Reilly and Beck addressed the flap surrounding a viral video clip from President Trump’s recent foreign trip in which Trump reaches for Melania’s hand while they are walking and the First Lady appears to bat it away. Commented Bill, “I didn’t take it as a slap, it might have been just, ‘Look, I can make it down here myself.’ Yes, it was amusing to those who don’t like the Trumps.” O’Reilly added, while cracking up, “You know, I try to stay away from that kind of stuff.”

Beck then asked Bill for his thoughts on a second incident that liberals tried to play up, in which Trump again reached for Melania’s hand while deplaning and she used her hand to brush hair away from her eyes instead. Said O’Reilly, “She might be mad at him or something. You know how that goes.” Answered Glenn, “Can we infer that she’s p—ed off at him?” Responded O’Reilly with snark, “I think she’s furious with Putin and it’s transferring.”

They then talked about another viral clip that showed Trump allegedly shoving past Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic to get in the front of a photo of different world leaders. Complained Markovic afterwards, “This was an inoffensive situation. I do not see it in any other way.” O’Reilly, however, had a different take. Said O’Reilly, tongue planted firmly in his cheek, “Listen, Montenegro is a beautiful country. But there’s a tradition there that perhaps you don’t know about. As a sign of affection and respect, you shove people.” Joked Glenn, “Especially the [prime minister].” Agreed Bill, “It goes right up to the top. The more you shove, the more you love.” How much do you miss Bill O’Reilly?

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